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One of the most rewarding activities you can do as a principal is write a letter to yourself. This letter will help you focus your goals, your aspirations, and your hopes for the year. The letter doesn’t have to be long, and you don’t have to show it to anyone else. While you may think the process trivial, you’ll find it rewarding because the very act of putting your thoughts to paper reinforces and focuses your ideas and personal philosophies.

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To get on your way, follow this format:

Begin with a personal introduction.

  • Dear [your name]:
  • Last year was… (or if you are a new principal: My last teaching year was…)

Then move into your aspirations for the coming year.

  • This year I really would like to…
  • Here’s my plan on how I’m going to accomplish this…
  • I believe I can count on these folks to help me by…
  • If I were a child going to this school, I would really like to see…
  • If I were a parent of a child going to this school, I would really like to see…
  • If I were a teacher in this school, I’d want to see…

File this letter in the goals section of your time management system or planner. A couple of weeks after school has started, pull it out and read it aloud to yourself. Review it the same way every grading period. This exercise will really help you keep on track and moving forward.

Thought for the Week

Sometimes it’s not the task or challenge that’s the problem but our mindset toward it.

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