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We know that a strong predictor of a candidate’s future performance can be found in their past performance. Yet, it sometimes is difficult to gain an accurate picture to judge exactly what a candidate has to offer. Following are four interview questions that can open the door to understanding how a candidate thinks as well as what he or she does. The answers you hear can also provide guidance when checking references.

  1. What habits have you developed to manage your time more effectively? Share an example of how the habits have made you more productive.
  2. Tell me about your personal goal-setting process, how you developed it, and what impact it has had on your success.
  3. Think back to an occasion when you had to make a decision but didn’t have enough information to make it. How did you go about making the decision anyway? What was the outcome?
  4. If someone accused you of being lazy and unfocused in your work, what evidence would you offer to counter the accusation?

McCormick, B. (1999). Ben Franklin’s 12 rules of management. Irvine, CA: Entrepreneur Press.


(Article taken from NorthStar for Principals. To learn more about this publication, please visit: www.masterteacher.com/Publications/Publication-for-Principals)

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In response to the uncertainty and disruption in which we find ourselves, researchers and experts say that the number one skill for survival and success in today’s environment is adaptability.

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