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The following is a list of the things you may want to communicate to administrators, teachers, paras, support staff, bus drivers, students, parents, the general public, community groups, the board of education, the chamber of commerce, city employees, city and county boards, politicians, and the media.


  1. What you have done to supply students with computers for home use.


  1. What you have done to help families without Wi-Fi access.


  1. The learning management platforms you are using, e.g., Canvas, Google Classroom, Seesaw.


  1. Technology providers, e.g., Zoom, Pear Deck.


  1. Number of laptops provided to staff for home use.


  1. Number of families served with children with special needs and 504 services and how you are accomplishing this.


  1. Number of virtual meetings that have taken place.


  1. Number of emails sent and received.


  1. Number of Google Classrooms.


  1. The coordination of dual enrollment programs for college credit as well as youth apprenticeships.


  1. Number of online learning participations each week.


  1. How many times you are communicating with your employees (and the number of employees) each week.


  1. How many times you are communicating with parents each week (and how many there are).


  1. Number of meals served each week and how this is being done.


  1. If facilities are being used by outside agencies such as Red Cross blood drives, etc.


  1. How you are collaborating with other school districts.


  1. Percentage of parents who have said their students have been actively engaged on assigned work.


  1. How the school board is operating virtually.


  1. Employment status of school district employees—and contribution to local economy.


  1. Positive letters and testimonials from parents, students, and staff.

Thought for the Week

Now more than ever, we must be clear and critical in our thinking, guided by our values, and centered on the best interests of our students.

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