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(taken from the book Awards and Recognition: Everything You Need to Know About the Value and Power of Effective Recognition and Award Giving)

1. Well-planned and sincerely implemented recognition has been shown in many instances to have a profound effect on a school or district.

2. Each employee has unique talents, skills, and abilities that, if known, utilized, and incorporated into the system, make it better.

3. Recognition is one of the most powerful motivational factors in a person’s life. Tweet this

4. Appropriate recognition of employees encourages and perpetuates an attitude of striving for excellence in an organization.

5. By publicly celebrating employees’ accomplishments, an awareness is created in the larger community of their contributions to the quality of life in the schools as well as in the wider community.

6. Critical incident interviews with school employees document time and again that they spontaneously recall recognition events as among the most satisfying of their work experiences.

7. A leader elicits the desired performances from employees when they are well-matched to the requirements and responsibilities of their work, given the tools to do their jobs, given clear goals to accomplish, and recognized for their accomplishments.

8. Work is an important factor in how people evaluate the quality of their lives—when people are recognized for their accomplishments at work, they feel better about their lives in general.

9. Many residual benefits accrue to the organization and individual from a well-thought-out recognition program.

10. Recognition provides high levels of satisfaction to the presenter, the recipient, and their peers, enhancing the quality of life for many people.

Above all else, when teachers begin to feel appreciated, they start to look for new and creative ways to teach their students and to contribute to the education profession.

Thought for the Week

AI can teach and share knowledge, sure, but it lacks the key elements of human modeling, nurturing, and connecting that are essential components of a comprehensive learning process.

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